Friday, April 30, 2010

Il ya du soleil

To continue our topic on weather in French, one afternoon year 5 took advantage of the great British sunshine to create shadow hand puppets.


Who can list three or more different types of weather in French?

What shaddow animals did some of you make? Do you remember what they were called in French?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Quel temps fait-il? - What's the weather like?

This half term year 5 have been learning new words and phrases to describe the weather in French.
The children successfully made, tried and tested wind socks today, a quick and easy lesson that we all enjoyed.

In the Comments

Which weather were we trying to recreate?
  1. il pleut
  2. il neige
  3. il y a du vent
  4. il y a du soleil
What is it in English?

Has anyone tried to make a windsock at home?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Picasso Artwork

This week with Mr Cook we have been painting monochrome portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso. Picasso often painted in monochrome particularly during his "blue period". 

Checkout the full gallery in the sidebar as usual.

In The Comments
  • What do you think of Jordan's Picasso work?
  • Have a play with Picasso Head and share your creations with us.
  • Can you find the news story where the art student fell into a Picasso painting and ripped it?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Painting Planets

We have been busy designing our own planets and painting them. You can see more of the planets in our Art Gallery slideshow in the sidebar. The planet above is Kiara's who I think has done a lovely job of showing the curvature of the surface and it is a very colourful atmosphere too!

We are going to tie our work on planets with that of our Superheroes and maybe even create a planet for our own superhero!

In The Comments
  • Can you remember the six colours used in the colour wheels we painted with Mr Cook?
  • Find a picture of the planets in our solar system, which one do you think is the most colourful and why?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bitten! by Ben and Kai

Peter Parker was so interested in the science he didn't realise that above him was dangling a ruby red spider.

All of a SUDDEN the spider landed on his hand. He was so terrified he couldn't breathe at all. He had shock in his eyes. He was sweating like mad. Was it going to bit him?

Ruby red fangs bit into his knuckle. He knocked it off his hand. He was wobbling around the hall. His head began to sweat. He could see flashes like lightening all around him, after that he had a massive headache.

He began to feel sick and needed to hurry home, but he was too dizzy. Peter's jelly legs stumbled and fell, could he make it home...

Bitten! by Dionne and Callum

I was just relaxing at the new science fair at the local high school It was very interesting. The lady was talking about a nuclear radioactive electric laser beam it was ruby red when suddenly...

Out of nowhere a crimson red spider jumped onto my clenched fist... the radioactive spider moved one of its horrid, red and hairy legs. Was it going to bite with its shark like teeth?
OUCH! the poisounous spider had bitten me... my blood was trickling out of my hand! It was turning black, the poison was turning my BLOOD BLACK!

I began to get a headache, my fingers were aching and my blood was rushing through my veins. I felt like I needed to get home... get... I was losing strength, my heart was slowing down. Help. Please.

Bitten! by Curtis and Liam

The convention was amazing. I was looking at the radioactive beam it was ruby red and it dazzled in the darkness. I was amazed with the dazzling lights.The laser exhibit was the best I'd ever seen. The scientists must have been professionals.

I was adjusting my spectacles when suddenly a red crimson arachnid dived on my clenched fist. It was looking up at me with its beady eyes. Its hairy legs started to move on my hand, it sent shivers up my spine. Is it going to bite?

The red crimson spider sank its terribly sharp fangs into me.The radioactive poison was entering my blood stream.The bite was taking control of my body...I tried to stop the pain but it was no use, the poison was too strong for me!
My fingers began to ache and throb and I could feel the venom coursing through my veins. It was so painful I felt like throwing my self around the room. I started to shiver with fear and had what seemed like an electric shock!
The room started to spin and my vision became blurred. I started to panic my words got muddled, it was weird. My head felt drowsy.I... need... to.. get... home. I feel strange.