Friday, January 29, 2010

Picasso Artwork

This week with Mr Cook we have been painting monochrome portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso. Picasso often painted in monochrome particularly during his "blue period". 

Checkout the full gallery in the sidebar as usual.

In The Comments
  • What do you think of Jordan's Picasso work?
  • Have a play with Picasso Head and share your creations with us.
  • Can you find the news story where the art student fell into a Picasso painting and ripped it?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Painting Planets

We have been busy designing our own planets and painting them. You can see more of the planets in our Art Gallery slideshow in the sidebar. The planet above is Kiara's who I think has done a lovely job of showing the curvature of the surface and it is a very colourful atmosphere too!

We are going to tie our work on planets with that of our Superheroes and maybe even create a planet for our own superhero!

In The Comments
  • Can you remember the six colours used in the colour wheels we painted with Mr Cook?
  • Find a picture of the planets in our solar system, which one do you think is the most colourful and why?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bitten! by Ben and Kai

Peter Parker was so interested in the science he didn't realise that above him was dangling a ruby red spider.

All of a SUDDEN the spider landed on his hand. He was so terrified he couldn't breathe at all. He had shock in his eyes. He was sweating like mad. Was it going to bit him?

Ruby red fangs bit into his knuckle. He knocked it off his hand. He was wobbling around the hall. His head began to sweat. He could see flashes like lightening all around him, after that he had a massive headache.

He began to feel sick and needed to hurry home, but he was too dizzy. Peter's jelly legs stumbled and fell, could he make it home...

Bitten! by Dionne and Callum

I was just relaxing at the new science fair at the local high school It was very interesting. The lady was talking about a nuclear radioactive electric laser beam it was ruby red when suddenly...

Out of nowhere a crimson red spider jumped onto my clenched fist... the radioactive spider moved one of its horrid, red and hairy legs. Was it going to bite with its shark like teeth?
OUCH! the poisounous spider had bitten me... my blood was trickling out of my hand! It was turning black, the poison was turning my BLOOD BLACK!

I began to get a headache, my fingers were aching and my blood was rushing through my veins. I felt like I needed to get home... get... I was losing strength, my heart was slowing down. Help. Please.

Bitten! by Curtis and Liam

The convention was amazing. I was looking at the radioactive beam it was ruby red and it dazzled in the darkness. I was amazed with the dazzling lights.The laser exhibit was the best I'd ever seen. The scientists must have been professionals.

I was adjusting my spectacles when suddenly a red crimson arachnid dived on my clenched fist. It was looking up at me with its beady eyes. Its hairy legs started to move on my hand, it sent shivers up my spine. Is it going to bite?

The red crimson spider sank its terribly sharp fangs into me.The radioactive poison was entering my blood stream.The bite was taking control of my body...I tried to stop the pain but it was no use, the poison was too strong for me!
My fingers began to ache and throb and I could feel the venom coursing through my veins. It was so painful I felt like throwing my self around the room. I started to shiver with fear and had what seemed like an electric shock!
The room started to spin and my vision became blurred. I started to panic my words got muddled, it was weird. My head felt drowsy.I... need... to.. get... home. I feel strange.

Bitten! by Bradley and Mason

It was a normal day and the science fair was on so I went to look at it. It was a radioactive beam that powered by two giant machines. The man and lady told me and the rest about the machines they said

"We don't know what the results would be if we put something in it?"
Suddenly a red crimson spider jumped on my hand. My heart skipped a beat, my chest became tight! I was terrified as the arachnid moved one of it's horrid hairy legs! Is this arachnid going to bite me...
All of a sudden it sank it's venomous fangs in my skin! Where the spider sank it's fangs it started to glow. It started to really hurt! I could feel the venom coursing through my veins! This was no ordinary bite...

Almost immediately I felt a change in me! I felt weak and I got a thumping headache, I could hardly feel my fingers! I must... get ...home - my vision was fading I could hardly see anything...

Bitten! by Isaac and Ellie

Today the science convention was on and I went to go and check it out. It was a new experiment which involves a beam that comes out of two generators. The scientists warned us not to get so close because the beam was radioactive.

Little did I know that above my head was crimson red spider which I had no clue it was there! Then all of a sudden the ruby red spider dropped from it's web onto my bony wrist. My heart was pounding with fear! The crimson vicious spider looked up to my glasses and moved a few steps with it's ruby red legs. The shock that went to my spine was indescribable! It went and looked down at my clenched wrist. I was so scared what was it going to do with me!?

The creepy looking arachnid got into a position were it looked like it was going to bite me! It looked down at my hand then it got its venomous fangs out and sunk them into my skinny wrist! As it attempted to run off I tried to step on it but it was to fast!!

I was in so much pain!! What was I going to do!? I had no transport of getting home!! I was in to much pain to get home!! Radioactive Blood was trickling down my bony hand!! Could I be facing death...

The radioactive toxins ran down my blood stream, then I lost control of my body and I was shaking! I gripped my hand with fear as I tried to make my way to the door, but my vision became a big blur and my legs went to jelly. It must have been the bite's reaction. I...going to do?

Bitten! by Lauryn and Ashleigh

It was the end of school and I wanted to go to the science fair, and before I went in I had the funny feeling it was going to be really good. I was enjoying the presentation, the woman was just about to explain about the radioactive beam, and when I was about to adjust my glasses, suddenly...

I felt a slight tingling sensation on my hand. I thought it would just pass, I went down to scratch it and it felt really hairy. Then I looked down at it, there was a huge glowing, crimson red, spider. I jumped out of my skin, my heart was racing and pounding with fear and fright! I didn't know what was going to happen I was too scared to move! Was this horrible, hairy, crimson-red arachnid going to bite?

After a while the hairy crimson red spider dug it's fangs into my hand injecting radioactive poison! What was going to happen to me?! Then my hand began to sting, I didn't know how long it would last for. Then the crimson red spider stared up at me with it's beady eyes and ran off. Why did it choose to bite me? It could of bitten someone else!

Then my hand just wouldn't stop stinging! I felt a terrible pain rushing through my whole body! It felt like my body was being switched off! It really hurt, I wanted to get home so badly I would do anything just to be home! I didn't know what came over me! This was the worst day ever!

As the pain began to grow, my whole body began to shiver and shake I didn't know what was going on! It felt like the world was turning round and round! It was horrible. The view was swimming and wobbling like mad! Everyone was looking at me with a funny look on their faces. I didn't know what was going to happen to me...! I need to... get!! I couldn't walk. I kept on stumbling! When would I get back to normal?!

Bitten! by Charlie and Josh

I was watching a laser beam science fair. I was adjusting my glasses when suddenly a crystal red spider jumped on me! I didn't know if it would bite me...

The spider dug his furious fangs into me OW! Then I saw the big long hairy legs it crawled and looked at me with his glassy eyes, was he laughing at me? I spotted a yellow glow coming out my hand. What will it do?!

My head started to ache my hand started to sweat, my fingers pumped as though they were going to burst.

My heart missed a beat, my chest became tight, I had to get home! I had to get home and fast...The room was wobbling my vision became more and more blurred. All I could think of was getting home.

Bitten! by Maisie and Faith

I was in a world of my own, watching the intriguing science presentation, if I'd have known what was going to happen next, I would of been out of the room in no time!
None of my friends had come with me, not like I had any anyway! This is probably why I don't have any, what I mean is, what sort of cool person would be stood here watching a so called "geek show"?Well that doesn't bother me! The only thing I care about is getting my head down and getting on with my work,and about my family!

When I looked down from adjusting my glasses, I saw a crimson, red SPIDER! It shook me so much that I tried to run out of the room! I didn't have the time to shake it off, but for some reason it wanted me to stop moving so it could do something to me, if I had known I would of pushed it away from me, but now I was too shocked by the fact it was actually red!

I felt a sharp pain, stab into my skin! I checked the filthy creature, to see if it was still scuttling around on my hand! But now it wasn't just doing that,it had stuck it's venom filled fang's into my bony, clenched fist! Then, I felt a tingling sensation rushing through my veins! I simply could not concentrate with all of this commotion! I wish all of this had never happened!

The pain was the only thing I could think about, it was completely unbearable! I thought it was better when it had it's fang's in me! But when it had pulled them out, it hurt even more! If only Aunt May and Uncle Ben were here, they would be caring for me! While I was in pain all I could think about is why it was glowing red and why did it choose me to bite?! All I could do was to try and stop the poison from getting into my blood stream.

I had to get home! But I didn't know what Uncle Ben and Aunt May would say, all of a sudden the blood rush had reached my head, I felt like I needed to lie down, but I would look very, very silly! when I had turned around I saw two men were giving me dirty looks, I felt like going home...home...yes...If only I was there now...

Bitten! by Shannon and Sharna

I was relaxing listening to the presentation the lady was demonstrating the radio active laser it was very interesting. I went to  adjust my glasses and suddenly...

I felt a tickle on my hand I looked down and it was a ruby red SPIDER! It was really big. I jumped back .It looked like it was going to bite me! I just wanted it to get off of me I kept jumping around but it wouldn't come off. It moved one of its hairy legs I felt a shiver down my spine...
The ruby red spider bit me with its large fangs.They dug right in my skin. It left me with a big red, yellow, purple mark. I kept my hand placed on where the ruby red spider had bitten me. Blood started to rush down my hand. I wanted to hit the spider but my hand was hurting too much. My hand was going numb, I hope I never see that spider again!
It was killing me, it was stinging like mad. Ever since that ruby red spider had bitten me my hand has been throbbing like there is no tomorrow. I could see my blood on the floor. It was a terrible feeling I just want it to go away!
My heart was thumping and my hand was thumping! I had to get home I felt like I was going to faint and couldn't breath. I WANT TO GO HOME NOW! Everybody was looking at me like I was a freak!

Bitten! by Kate and Laura

As I walked into the science fair I felt a sudden pang of excitement. I was surprised no one wanted to come with me. As the convention went on I watched the radioactive laser in action, I felt as if I was lost in my own little world, I reached up to adjust my glasses when suddenly...
A blood red radioactive spider jumped down! My heart was beating so quickly it felt as if it was going to jump out of my skin. The radioactive spider started to show it's blood sucking fangs. It started to stare at me with it's little beady eye's then it started to move around, it tickled so much I laughed despite of everything! What was going to happen to me next?... I daren't move just in case it would bite me.
Before long the crimson red spider was sinking it's blood sucking, needle sharp fangs into my pale white skin! I was so stunned I couldn't move even though the beasts fangs were still stuck in my skin sucking away, blood started to trickle down my hand. I started to panic what if I died from blood loss! I shook and shivered at the thought of it I wished this was all a dream...
I felt a sudden tingle running through my body, as the radioactive venom ran through my entire blood stream. It was so sudden I became shocked, and I couldn't move a muscle. I started to stagger and stumble into the wall, the room was blurred in front of me. I started to lose my vision it was as if my whole world was obscured.
Suddenly I felt as if I had lost control of my body and I started to shake all over! Before I knew it I was jumping all around the place, also I had a terrible headache like my brain was bursting through my skull! happening to me...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mystery Numbers

In Maths today we have been challenging each other with mystery numbers. We came up with a number of clues to a number. You have to think carefully about the properties of different numbers. It was quite a challenge!

Have a look at these 3 Mystery Numbers. Can you work out what they are?
  1. I am thinking of a number, it is...
    Less than 40
    It is an odd number
    It is a multiple of 5 and 7
    Add the digits together and you get 8

  2. I am thinking of a number, it is...
    More than 65
    It is an even number

    Add the digits together and you get 17

  3. I am thinking of a number it is...
    An even number
    A multiple of 6 and 4
    It is a square number
To write your own mystery number clues pick a number under 100 and think about these things for your clues.
  • Odd or Even?
  • What is it a multiple of?
  • Is it a square number?
  • Can you name some of the factors?
  • More or less than a number.
Still Want More?

Play Mystery Math against the computer, challenge yourself in this place value clues game or why not try and work out what is wrong with these Alien Calculators.

In The Comments
  • Try and answer what the 3 Mystery Numbers are.
  • Write your own mystery number clues, see the ideas above to help.
  • What do you think of the games?

In The News

Last Tuesday we were featured in an article in the Guardian newspaper. Mr Barrett spoke to a journalist about the work that we have been doing in Maths. The article explains how we enjoy using our Nintendo Wii games to make Maths more interesting.

You can see the articles online here:
In The Comments
  • What do you enjoy about using games in the classroom?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

This Is Our Classroom - What Does Yours Look Like?

Thankyou to everyone who has visited our blog in the last 24 hours! Today we spent some time reading the comments, watching live activity on the blog, talking about the flags and where everyone was from.

Here are some pictures of our classroom so you get an idea about where we work.

What does your classroom look like? Why not write a blog post (if you have a class blog) including some pictures of your classroom, or link to them in the comments. We would love to see what different classrooms look like around the world.

In The Comments
  • Add a link to a picture you have taken or the blog post you write showing your room.
  • Tell us what you think of our classroom.
  • What is your favourite thing about our classroom or your own?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Planet Superheroes

Welcome to our Year 5 blog! This will be a great place for us to share our work and link up with other classes around the world. We are kicking things off with a gallery of our superhero work we have been doing.

We have used HeroMachine to create these characters. They are based on the planets in our solar system.

We hope that you like the look of them, your challenge is to see if you can spot which planet is linked with which character.

In The Comments
  • Explain what you enjoyed about creating your character.
  • Can you spot a character that is linked with a planet? How do you know?