Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Painting Planets

We have been busy designing our own planets and painting them. You can see more of the planets in our Art Gallery slideshow in the sidebar. The planet above is Kiara's who I think has done a lovely job of showing the curvature of the surface and it is a very colourful atmosphere too!

We are going to tie our work on planets with that of our Superheroes and maybe even create a planet for our own superhero!

In The Comments
  • Can you remember the six colours used in the colour wheels we painted with Mr Cook?
  • Find a picture of the planets in our solar system, which one do you think is the most colourful and why?


  1. The six colours were red,blue,yellow,purple,green and orange. purple's my favourite colour and blue. What's your's.

  2. Hi I am a yr 5/6 teacher in NZ. Your class has been doing some interesting projects that I can't wait to share with my students when we go back on 2nd Feb after our summer break. We will also post you photos of our classroom. Ms Matthews

  3. I think that you have worked very hard to make your planet look like it is round and I think it desserves a gold star!
    Love from your friend Shannon xxx

  4. The six coulers where red,orange,brown,yellow,green and blue
    by Josh

  5. hi i am jill campbell from the tarradle blog thank you for saying a nice comment about my highland dancing and also i love your paintings they are amazing
    please keep visiting our blog

    hope tp write back to you soon
    jill.c p6/7

  6. You are so talented. Your planet was very colorful and creative. Keep up the good work.

  7. The six colours in our colour wheel are Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange and Purple.